A privileged location, modern infrastructure and strong telecommunication services make Guatemala an excellent destination for BPO investment. The country has a talented and skilled pool of bilingual manpower with cultural affinity to the United States.

The free trade agreement with the United States and Mexico, along with government support, have made the BPO industry very successful and a good source of employment in the country. 




Tetra Center
Torre Pradera (Guatemala City)
Recruitment Center
Capacity for 1500 seats (English and Spanish) 
Tetra Center (Guatemala City)
Capacity for 200 seats (English and Spanish) 
Customer Care, Technical, Sales Support, Finance and Accounting 
Cocopat Pradera Xela

Cocopat (Guatemala City)
Capacity for 500 seats (English and Spanish)


Torre Pradera (Quetzaltenango, Guatemala)
Capacity for 500 seats (English and Spanish) 
Customer Service and Sales Support